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MRA Digital’s OLED Driver Boards

Our driver boards which are designed for all eMagin VGA, SVGA, SXGA, an WUXGA (coming soon) are available in many configurations. These products are designed for monocular, binocular, mono and 3D stereoscopic applications. With support for almost every video inteface (HDMI, Display Port, RS170, NTSC, PAL, DVI, Digital RGB, Analog RGB, HD-SDI) just to name a few,  their small form factor and low power consumption makes them a suitable for almost any application.

VGA OLED Drivers

The VGA OLED drivers are the latest addition to our family of eMagin OLED driver boards. The VGA products are available in two series VGA612 and VGA615.

The VGA 612 is design to support mounting a single OLED directly to the PCB(1.2 x 1.5 inches). The VGA615 family is designed for applications that require multiple OLEDs such as require stereo 3D, wide screen display, etc. With the VGA615, the OLEDs can be remotely located up to 5 feet away from the main driver board. The OLED boards are the same size as the VGA OLED and allows it to be a perfect fit for those space constraints applications.

Both the VGA612 & VGA615  supports video and image processing such as On Screen Display (OSD), Video Overlay, Data Fusion, Video Scaling, Object Recognition, and much more. In addition, the VGA family of products supports multiple (up to 4) RS170, NTSC or PAL simultaneously and in any combination.


Our SVGA driver boards (SVGA-800S, SVGA-800S+, SVGA-815) are design to drive SVGA-XL and SVGA-3D OLEDs. These boards are designed to meet almost every application requirement. Everything from HDMI digital audio, digital RGB input, to dual HDMI video input to enable 3D content on the SVGA OLEDs are supported. You can even drive these products using an iPhone and most Android enbaled handsets. This feature allows for even more portable applications to be developed using the SVGA OLEDs. For those tight space requirements applications the 800S+ and the 815 product families can be purchased with a remote option that allows the OLED to be driven up to 5 feet away from the main drive board using our custom made cable assebmly. WiIth the remote option, the OLED connector board is the same size as the OLED. A micro-controller is included on the driver board which is used to adjust the brightness, RGB gain and offset values. Custom firmware builds are available.Our drivers are designed to be cost effective and easy to use.


The SXGA-1012 product family OLED driver board for the eMagin SXGA OLED is designed for monocular, binocular and stereoscopic applications where each display engine must move independently and/or receive a different video signal. The OLED is mounted directly on the driver board or can be located up to five feet away from the main driver board. The SXGA-1012SD small size enables it to be used in applications where space is limited.

The SXGA-1015 product family is a dual OLED driver board that allows two video inputs to be displayed on two SXGA OLEDs simultaneously. The SXGA-1015 is perfect for those applications that requires stereo 3D video display and where the OLEDs must located away (up to 5 feet) from the main driver board. The OLED board (eye module) is the same size as the SXGA OLED and this allows the SXGA-1015DS to solve those tight packaging and space requirements. The1015 supports HDMI, DVI, Display Port and analogue RGB video inputs (just to name a few). analogue video is automatically converted to digital to ensure that the highest quality video is displayed on the OLEDS.

The SXGA  product families are also available with an Plus (+) option, that features  digital audio, video cropping, image shifting (up 40 pixels), video scaling, built-in test images, and a run-time screen saver that operates while you are viewing your content on the OLED.


The WUXGA OLED driver board is available in a compact 1.2 x 1.5 inches and will support Display Port, high resolution inputs (2560 x 2048), and HDCP encrypted video content just to name a few. With support for 1080p @ 120Hz, full HD 3D applications can now be realized.

Two products series will be available WUXGA-1912 and the WUXGA-1915. The WUXGA-1912 supports applications that require a single OLED and the WUXGA-1915 allows for the two OLEDs to be remotely located via an custom made cable assembly. In short, the WUXGA driver is the pinnacle of OLED driver boards and will be in a class by itself.