SXGA-eyeMod50 – SXGA OLED Eye Piece

The eyeMod50 is a lightweight 50 degrees Field-of-View (FOV) eye piece that is designed for use with the eMagin SXGA OLED (color and monochrome). It consists of Optics, SXGA OLED, and a low power high performance OLED driver board. The eyeMod50 has less than 3.5% distortion an supports refresh rates up to 120Hz at SXGA resolutions (1280 x 1024) and thus its designed for high performance applications.

Because of its design characteristics the eyeMod50 can be easily adapted to both military and commercial applications which include but not limited to:

Head Mounted Displays
Night Vision Goggles
Image Enhancers
Virtual Binoculars
Weapons Sites
Multispectral Systems
The eyeMod50 supports a wide range of video input formats such as Display Port, HDMI, DVI, Analog VGA, RS170, NTSC, PAL, and HD-SDI. Video up scaling is also included for video formats that are not natively at SXGA resolutions such as RS170 , NTSC and PAL. In addition to video up scaling, the eyeMod50 also supports simultaneous video input where data fusion, and complex video algorithms can be performed in real time.

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