C5Soc-OLED Processor


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Product Description

The Cyclone 5 SoC OLED Processor (C5SoC-OLED-Processor) is our most powerful and sophisticated
OLED driver that we’ve created to date. The C5SoC-OLED-Driver is more than a OLED driver
board; in fact, it’s a complete video processing system designed to meet the needs of most mission
critical applications that require real-time video processing with multiple video input and output
channels operating simultaneously.
Designers can leverage our in-house designed
FPGA cores to enhance their application
capabilities to reduce risk and the time-to-market
window. With a size smaller than a
credit card (56 x 54 mm) and low power
consumption, the C5SoC-OLED-Processor is
well suited for space-limited applications.
Graphic Engine—The C5SoC-OLEDProcessor
includes a custom designed graphic
processing engine that can tackle the most demanding
graphic overlay, menu system, icon
generation, graphic primitives display requirements.
With our graphic engine, creating a system
with rich icons and on-screen user symbology
is now easier than ever. Our graphic engine
supports different font sizes, custom fonts, and
much more. In addition, we can customize our
graphic engine to meet your requirements.

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