WUXGA-1912SD Display Port


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The WUXGA-1912SD Display Port supports Display Port video input and comes available with built in EDID to ensure proper video card resolution configuration. A USB configuration cable along with PC software enables total control of the OLED via registers settings. All user configuration settings are stored in non-volatile memory. The built-in micro controller is available for custom application requirements such as external brightness control, screen rotation etc. External digital and analog I/O ports are also available for customer applications requirements as well.


It can be powered with as little as +3.5 volts and consumes 250mA, it can even be power from your PC’s USB port.


Product Description

The WUXGA-1912SD Display Port driver board for the eMagin SXGA OLED is designed for monocular, binocular and stereoscopic applications where each display engine must move independently and/or receive a different video signal.

Additional information



Dimensions (inches)

1.2 x 1.5

Image Processing


Input Voltage Range

Low: +3.3 – 5.0 V,, Wide: +5.0 – 18.0 V



OLED Mounting

Mounted on Driver Board

Refresh Rate

30 – 85 Hz

Video Input Type


Video Mode

1 Input/1 Output

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