Wireless Video


Introducing Wireless Low Latency Video (WLLV™) is a new enabling technology developed by MRA Digital that allows for reliable near-real–time wireless transmittal of video signals at resolutions up to 1080p in addition to auxiliary information such as sound, tracking data and digital/analog IO’s.

Advantages of WLLV™ in the HMD Market?

Incorporating WLLV™ technology into Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays (HMD) holds the promise of being the most advanced and effective simulation and training tool available. Research shows that working in a simulator without being tethered is much more natural and effective for the user. Also, the user experience is more realistic and immersive. Simulations that previously were not possible can now be realized with WLLV’s light weight and small form factor.

WLLV™ vs Wearable PC?

The current non-tethered solution on the market is a wearable PC. WLLV offers many advantages when a head to head comparison is made the personal wearable PC solution including:

Comparison of WLLV™ vs. Backpack PC Solutions

Wireless Low Latency Video Backpack Networked PC

Light weight – 2-3 pounds

Heavy – 15 – 25 pounds

Small Form Factor—5” X 3” X 1.5”

Large Form Factor—Large Backpack

Lower O&M costs—One server

Higher O&M costs—Central PC and many backpack PC’s

Off the shelf server hardware

Custom backpack PC hardware

No limit on graphic resolution or computing power

Graphic resolution and computing power is limited

Works with multiple HMD designs

Works with only one HMD design

Longer battery life

Short battery life

Greater ROI with no PC backpacks to maintain

Backpack PC maintenance and upgrades low ROI

Less than $10,000

Greater than $47,000 (click here for pricing)